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Online Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

The Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (MPS-RESS) is an online, interdisciplinary Master’s degree program designed to prepare professionals in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability systems to lead the world’s transformation from an unsustainable, fossil energy economy to a renewable, sustainable basis of operation. Attaining an ambitious national goal of 25% of energy from renewable resources by the year 2025 in the U.S. requires a tremendous increase in renewable energy production and use in ways that are sustainable, environmentally sound, and reliable. The MPS-RESS program is designed to address the critical need for professionals with relevant expertise in renewable energy and sustainability systems.

The MPS-RESS curriculum consists of 32 credits, delivered online through the Penn State World Campus. The program provides broad coverage of topics related to renewable energy and sustainability systems while providing in-depth coverage of select topics. Students are required to follow a focused curriculum that combines requisite rigor with flexibility appropriate to a rapidly changing field. Students take a number of core program courses that provide an in-depth understanding of the sustainability framework relevant to energy and sustainability systems and, in consultation with their program adviser, select additional courses from a broad array of electives designed to meet their individual learning goals.

While not required to do so, students may choose to follow one of two program tracks:

All aspects of the program are carefully designed for on-line learners who require flexibility and are often managing full lives with career and family. Student advising is handled on a one-on-one basis, first-hand by faculty in the MPS-RESS program.