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We're committed to making sure that you receive the advising you need to help you be successful as an iMPS-RESS student.  This section of the website contains information on how the advising program works, and how you can get help when you need it.

Entry Interviews

The Advising Coordinator will meet with you by telephone or internet connection for an “entry interview”, to discuss your background and goals, to identify the course in which you should enroll first, to discuss the capstone project requirements and expectations, and to discuss your interests for future placement with a graduate faculty advisor. 

Academic Advising

It is our goal to make sure that you receive the attention and direction you need.  To that end, each graduate student will be assigned  an academic advisor and a Final Project Advisor.  In addition, the Advising Coordinator is available to help with questions should you need assistance. 

Your Academic Advisor

Your assigned academic advisor will help track your progress in the program and make sure you have the information you need when making decisions about coursework. Your academic advisor can address your questions and concerns or direct those questions to an appropriate faculty member.

Final Project Advisor

All  students will also be assigned to a Final Project Advisor when they register for the final project course (EME 597 – Management and Design of RESS). The student will work with this advisor throughout their final project. The Final Project Advisor will be appointed by the Advising Coordinator, in conjunction with the instructor for the EME 597. The Final Project Advisor meets with the student and their project team on a regular basis during EME 597, culminating with the final presentation of the Project.

Advising Coordinator

The Advising Coordinator for the iMPS-RESS program will work with you to determine your interests and assign a permanent advisor to you.