Are You Ready?

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RESS Program Readiness Assessment

The RESS Program is designed to prepare students to lead the transformation the world economy to a more renewable, sustainable basis by developing successful projects in renewable energy and sustainability systems.  Are you ready to succeed as a student?  This section of our website will help you to examine your background and decide what (if anything) you need to “brush up” on in order to succeed. 

There are many topics and skills that you will master as a RESS student. In general, you need good communication and calculation skills, with either formal training or experience in the energy and sustainability sector. This could come in the form of an engineering degree, work experience in the energy sector, or long standing involvement in renewable energy as a personal interest and area of study. Since the courses are delivered online, you definitely need to be comfortable with using a computer, including use of a web browser, word processor, and spreadsheet. 

The specific skills needed to succeed as a RESS student do vary a bit, depending on the track that you decide to pursue. Click below to learn specifics about how to best prepare yourself for either of the RESS tracks. 

There are many online tools available that can help you learn or review these topics. Here is a partial list of some options for you to consider:

Kahn Academy videos on topics:

Coursera courses on topics: