Careers and the RESS Program

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RESS graduates have a wide range of career opportunities open to them, and many resources are available to help you identify and land a great career or make your current career even better.

RESS Student Advising

All RESS Master’s students complete a “Career Development Plan” that they review with their academic advisor.  The purpose of this activity is to identify your career goals, and start taking steps, while still a student, to position yourself for career success.  Your advisor will help you as needed, but you are ultimately the person who will bring your career plans to fruition.

RESS Job Board

The RESS job board, on this website, lists job announcements that are sent to us and are relevant to RESS students.  You will find them listed on the right hand side of the webpage. 

RESS Student and Alumni Network

Fellow students and program alumni are a great resource when developing your career.  Much of this networking occurs informally during classes, but the RESS program also maintains an online discussion group that students can use to share info.  Click on “student life” in the dropdown menu to access the discussion group.

The RESS program is still quite new, so our Alumni network is not yet widely deployed, but over the next few years we will be asking alumni to serve as points of contact for prospective and current students, and to deliver seminars to the student body.

Penn State Career Services

RESS students have access to all of the programs and events of Penn State’s Career Services office. This includes on-campus and online opportunities. Even if you study online, you still have access to services to help you:

Visit Career Services' websites at:

Other useful career resources for RESS students

There are many government and private websites devoted to renewable energy and sustainability jobs and careers.  Here are a few that you may want to investigate: 

  • ONET Online - federal database of career categories and projected needs in the USA: Browse by Green Economy  
  • general information from US government on jobs, internships, and careers
  • Vault Online Career Library - Comprehensive information related to careers, industries, salaries; Create an account using your email address; Download free career guides (e.g., resume writing, networking, interviewing), employer, and industries guides such as:
    • Vault Guide to Alternative Energy Jobs (2014)
    • Vault Guide to Green Programs
    • Vault Guide to Energy Jobs (2014)
    • Career Launcher: Energy (2011)
    • Vault Career Guide to Energy (2014)
  • Green Collar Blog – job board and advice
  • Sustainable Business – job board and other information
  • Green Career Guide – provides advice and overviews of green jobs
  • Green Energy Career Guide – descriptions of job sectors
  • Environmental Career Center – job board and career advice
  • Green Jobs Collection  - webpage of reports and analyses of the green jobs sector