Wind Resource Analyst

Fri, 02/17/2017 - 13:18 -- sjw147
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Required Skills:

Microsoft VBA, SQL Database, SQL Server, Wind Analyst

Job Description:

This individual will be responsible for the validation, quality control and analysis of raw wind data collected from all meteorological campaigns at prospective wind project sites in all stages of development. This includes the analysis of raw data from fixed meteorological towers and remote sensors (LIDAR and SODAR), the statistical adjustment of the observed data to historical climatology, and the application of this data to wind flow models for the suitability of proposed sites and proposed wind turbine types. Additionally, a primary function is to monitor and maintain the wind data SQL Server database that collects all data and is accessed through a web portal application. The Wind Resource analyst will also assist the Wind Resource Director in preparing wind farm energy yield assessments and pre-construction reports for all Development or Acquisition projects.

The position will play an important role in the constant improvement of internal wind resource assessment best practices, developing and implementing new tools and standards. The position offers opportunities for research and development of new methodologies, tools and best practices utilized in wind resource assessment and to advance our understanding of factors that affect project energy production.

-Validation and analysis of raw wind data from on a monthly basis various sources including: the entire fleet of Meteorological towers (~ 30), SODAR and LIDAR remote sensor units.
-Monitor and maintain the primary SQL database for all Wind Resource raw data. Monitor the health of the database to ensure communications with all remote sensors and towers are working efficiently. Work with database contractor to ensure Operating Systems are upgraded when needed, tested and implemented.
-Complete wind flow modeling of all prospective sites using industry wind software (WAsP/WindPro and WindSim CFD).
-Complete Acoustic emission and Shadow Flicker models for development projects and suggest WTG options and possible combinations to be used for a project.
-Work with Environmental and GIS departments in permitting support for met tower and turbine installations.
-Support FAA determination requests.

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