Bioenergy Volunteer Opportunity

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Biomass Energy Expert—Dominican Republic (2 weeks in May-July 2017)
The purpose of this assignment is to train UAFAM students, faculty and researchers on various theoretical and practical aspects of biomass energy systems. UAFAM is trying to expand its research on various renewable energies, specifically in biomass. The university wants to promote the use of biomass systems among small rural communities in the Dominican Republic. Currently UAFAM and its partners are working in the development of a model of biomass plants that process pellets from bamboo, pine and other local trees. As part of this assignment, the F2F volunteer would conduct a feasibility study to see what type of biomass systems would be best for these types of inputs, and how such a system would compare to the use of diesel-powered equipment in the university. Once the study is completed, the volunteer would lead various workshops on the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of these types of biomass energy systems. He or she will also train university stakeholders on how to identify and sustainably incorporate discarded forest products and organic wastes into these systems. At the end of this assignment, the host should have a clear understanding of biomass energy systems, with practical skill on how to generate a model of small biomass plants that is cost-efficient and can be replicated throughout various rural communities in the Dominican Republic.

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