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CED Greentech

Columbia, Maryland


CED Greentech was built on a long history of success in the electrical distribution industry dating back to 1957. As a company, we've pioneered strategies by bringing the newest and most advanced technologies to the market by having local inventory of top tier modules, inverters, and racking systems. With an international presence, strong leadership and dedicated employees, we excel in bringing the services needed in all of the industries we support. CED identified the solar market early on as a segment that we would thrive in through strong partnerships with everyone we work with and we're excited to be changing the paradigm of solar distribution with the Greentech model.




Receive order from solar PV customer and create Sales Register
Create Purchase Order for non-stock merchandise or merchandise being shipped directly to the customer. Enter the net cost on the Purchase Order when it is placed.  Enter the sell price on the Sales Register.
Write Credit Memo when customer requests permission to return merchandise and PC Manager or delegate gives approval.
Process orders.
Complete Job Information Reports and billing to job accounts.
File records in the appropriate files, such as:

1.  Customer File

2.  Back Order and Special Order Files

3.  Job Files

4.  Open Purchase Order Tub

5.  Direct Order Tub

6.  Closed Purchase Order File

7.  Sales Files

Research Credit Memos
Open mail
Prepare outgoing mail
Sales Register and Cash Sale Receipt accountability
Sales problem resolution.
Control record retention
Answer telephones



Possess extensive knowledge of solar products and their functions.
Math skills that include calculating percentages, decimals (.1, .01, .001) and discount multipliers.
Ability to answer telephones and provide courteous, prompt and efficient service to customers.
Possess a basic knowledge of computers and Internet (vendor websites).
Possess filing skills, both alphabetically and numerically.
Ability to sit for extended periods of time.
Ability to perform basic computer skills to track and facilitate vendor price checking, rebates and quotations.
Capacity to multi task, to be organized and consistent.
Understanding of customer needs and expectations.
Capabilities to ask questions, understand the application, and offer materials that fulfill those requirements.
Ability to up sell cost effective alternative materials.
Receive and forward customer and vendor feedback while making suggestions for improvement.
Desire to exceed expectations and earn customer trust and confidence in one’s capabilities and performance.

Contact Bob DeLullo at if you are interested in applying