Sustainability Management and Policy Option - Are You Ready?

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Sustainability Management and Policy Option/Certificate Readiness Assessment

The Sustainability Management and Policy (SMP) Option focuses on building analytical skills grounded in case-based investigations into sustainability theory, systems analysis, environmental assessments, technical evaluations, public policy, and energy markets. Students coming into the SMP Option will most likely have education and/or applied experience in one of the related areas such as project management, supply-chain management, energy engineering, energy policy, environmental regulation, regional planning, or decision-making in complex systems. In courses within the option, students will encounter the need for sharp skills in critical thinking, statistical analysis, technical selection, energy science, systems thinking, political-economic analysis, and policy-making processes.

Individuals are expected to begin study in the Sustainability Management and Policy Option after they have either:

  • A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree related to one of the above fields,
  • 3-5 years of professional experience applying a related field of knowledge (following an alternate bachelor’s degree), or
  • 3-5 years prior experience working in a field such as energy management, supply chain management, environmental regulation, or a related technical field, while having learned several applied and practical skills in the line of work.

What are the core skills that will help me to assess whether or not I am ready for study in Sustainability Management and Policy within the RESS program?

  • Aptitude for complex systems management
    Energy and sustainability systems require a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to management.
  • Familiarity working with statistical models and datasets
    Sustainability systems create extensive amounts of models and data that need to be interpreted, communicated, comprehended, and acted upon.
  • Ability to comprehend economic arguments and technical policies
    Renewable energy and sustainability systems are shaped significantly by regulation and finance as well as being guided by long-term development goals, all of which require significant technical planning alongside social policies.
  • A mathematical, technical, and scientific background sufficient to serve your goals.
    A strong background in energy physics, statistics, and/or management theory will all help to improve what you will be able to get out of the SMP Option.

The SMP Option is designed to enhance sustainability management career opportunities, as much for students with strong technical backgrounds in energy engineering as is for those with proven experience in management. The SMP option is intended to produce students that, as employees or advisors, can work from their strengths to enhance the sustainability portfolio of companies, firms, and governmental enterprises.