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RESS Professionals Webinar

All RESS Students and Alumni are invited to join in on a bi-monthly Zoom meeting where we can discuss current issues facing our respective industries. We are all facing new and interesting challenges in the fields of renewables and sustainability and this is an excellent opportunity to discuss these challenges with your peers. If you would like to sign up for a presentation slot, please email

You can check back here for our latest Webinars and/or subscribe to our RESS Kaltura Channel where recordings of the Webinars will be posted, follow this link: RESS Kaltura Channel


1. RESS Professionals Webinar: Is there even a Renewable Energy Market anymore?

Come and hear our guest speaker David Grupp, B.S. ME '92, to discuss this proposition with Derek Hall (Penn State), and Erich Schienke (Penn State) in the kickoff of the RESS Professionals’ Webinar. The virtual discussion will be moderated by Mark Kleinginna of Integral Energy.  (Recorded April 22, 2021.)