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The RESS program is designed for working professionals many of whom are adult part-time learners.  All the courses are delivered via an interactive-online asynchronous format, allowing students to pursue their degree while remaining in their current employment and location. 

Analysis of US Department of Labor projections suggests that the need for trained professionals in Renewable Energy and Sustainability fields is among the fastest growing in the United States, and RESS prepares students to assume advanced roles and leadership responsibilities within their respective organizations as project and program developers, implementers, and policy analysts. Our RESS students and alumni excel in a wide variety of commercial and industrial occupations.

The RESS program was recently named one of the Best Online Master's Degree Programs in Environmental Management by and was noted as the program with the Best Renewable Energy Focus.


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Best Renewable Energy Focus


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RESS program, by the numbers:

The RESS Program is a dynamic collection of individuals looking to either acquire new knowledge and skills or to update their expertise in renewables and sustainability systems. Most of our students are life-long learners looking to make changes in their careers, particularly to take advantage of new opportunities in addressing our global energy transition and climate mitigation needs.

  • Number of graduates: Since graduating its first students in 2015, the RESS Program has graduated over 170 Master's students and has awarded over 140 Graduate Certificates in Renewable Energy areas and in Sustainability Management and Policy. 
  • Student population: The RESS Program currently has over 260  graduate students enrolled in the program as either MPS or Graduate Certificates, with over 500 individual class enrollments over the year. 
  • Class size. Typical class size for RESS is from 20 to 30 students, which fosters active interactions and productive exchange in the group. Moderate size class also allows the instructor to provide personal feedback on assignments.  
  • Flexibility. Students can choose the pace of how fast to mover through the program. There is no minimum required credits per semester, and students can take a semester off if required by job-related or family-related matters without leaving the program.  

By keeping our enrollments up, we can ensure that you will have engaging discussions and fruitful collaborations in any RESS course you take and that you'll find like-minded peers in your fellow students.