The RESS program was recently named one of the Best Online Master's Degree Programs in Environmental Management by Intelligent.com and was noted as the program with the Best Renewable Energy Focus.

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Best Renewable Energy Focus


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RESS program, by the numbers:

The RESS Program is a dynamic collection of individuals looking to either acquire new knowledge and skills or to update their expertise in renewables and sustainability systems. Most of our students are life-long learners looking to make changes in their careers, particularly to take advantage of new opportunities in addressing our global energy transition and climate mitigation needs.

  • Numbers of alumni: Since graduating its first students in 2015, and including the Spring class of 2020, the RESS Program has graduated over 72 students with their Masters of Professional Studies and has awarded over 85 Graduate Certificates in either Renewable Energy areas and/or in Sustainability Management and Policy. 
  • Numbers of current students: The RESS Program currently has over 75 active students enrolled in the program as either MPS or certificate students, with approximately 250 individual class enrollments over the past academic year (2019-2020). Our students sometimes find it necessary to pause their coursework for a semester due to job-related changes, but we are here to keep everyone on track and to help them succeed.  

By keeping our enrollments up, we can ensure that you will have engaging discussions and fruitful collaborations in any RESS course you take and that you'll find like-minded peers in your fellow students.