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To launch the RESS Program, we developed over a dozen new courses across multiple departments and colleges within Penn State. Each course was designed in conjunction with guidance from the RESS Industrial Advisory Board to address a specific skillset needed for driving renewable energy and sustainability industries forward. Our faculty stay on top of emerging issues across the various fields and adjust and fine tune their courses accordingly.

To complete the RESS Master’s degree, students will need to acquire total of 33 credits of coursework, including:

  • 12 credits of Core curriculum
  • 12 credits from either of the program tracks
  • 6 credits of electives
  • 3 credits of Capstone experience


RESS Courses - Professional Masters

CORE EME 504 - Foundations in Sustainability Systems (3 cr.)
EME 801 - Energy Markets, Policy and Regulation (3 cr.)
EME 802 - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (3 cr.)
BIOET 533 - Ethical Dimensions of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (3 cr.)
Sustainability Management and Policy Track EME 803 - Applied Energy Policy (3 cr.)
EME 805 - Renewable Energy and Nonmarket Enterprise (3 cr.)
BA 850 - Sustainability Driven Innovation (3 cr.)
EME 807 - Technologies for Sustainability Systems (3 cr.)
Renewable Energy Systems Track

EME 810 - Solar Resource Assessment and Economics (3 cr.)
AE 878 - Solar Project Development and Finance (3 cr.)
EME 812 - Utility Solar Power and Concentration (3 cr.)
AE 868 - Commercial Solar Electric Systems (3 cr.)
AERSP 886 - Engineering of Wind Project Development (3 cr.)

Capstone EME 589 - Management and Design of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (3 cr.)

To see when the courses are offered semester by semester, please review the course schedule

It is up to you to decide how many courses you want to take per semester. Reach out to your Academic Adviser if you need help putting together your degree plan.